Learn how to build modules

So, you want to build DNN modules?

I'm going to teach you how to build a web application from scratch by leveraging the combined power of DNN and XMod Pro!

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Whether you're a web developer, graphic designer or even a database administrator, having the sheer confidence that you can implement requests and develop applications quickly and efficiently is a priceless reward. I'm going to teach you how to build web apps and custom module solutions with DNN and XMod Pro by walking you through a complete application from start to finish! Also, the application we'll be building will serve as a complete solution allowing you to monetize it however you'd like!

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About XMod Pro

What is XMod Pro?

In a nutshell, XMod Pro is a development tool. With it you can extend or completely replace other 3rd party modules, build custom tools to manage your website, and just about anything you can imagine. But more importantly, XMod Pro allows you to get started fast, generate immediate results and later tweak, modify, or revamp your solutions as you learn more about HTML, CSS, Javascript and SQL.

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What You'll Be Building

We'll be building a simple yet robust classifieds application that will allow end users the ability to post Ads. You'll learn how to create an administrative interface to manage sellers and Ads on your site, and we'll even break away from DNN Core messaging and create our own solution that will resemble iOS messaging. Nearly all of the features of XMod Pro will be covered, enabling you to easily adapt what you've learned into your other projects!

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What You're Getting


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Xile File Upload

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Xile is a highly customizable single/multiple file uploader for XMod Pro with a powerful feature set.

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Simple Subscribe

valued at $24.95

Simple Subscribe is a form action for XMod Pro that makes email subscriptions a breeze.

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valued at $49.95

OrphanX removes orphaned files from your website that are no longer associated with your data.

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valued at $79.95

Integrate automated SQL commands and email notifications.

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Clickatell SMS Plugin

valued at $24.95

Custom form action to add SMS text message alerts upon form submission.

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In addition to the regular chapters of the book, deep-dive sections contain further explanation and advanced examples.

Q & A

Each chapter will have a section where you can post public questions. I answer all public questions as quickly as possible.

Code Examples

Get the full code at any given stage as we develop the application. You'll be able to download any forms, templates or feeds.

Reflex Skin

You get a free skin by Reflect Media Group to use however you want. It's a simple Bootstrap based DNN skin!

A Complete Solution!

Along with all the features listed above, understand that you'll have a complete module solution by the time we're finished. Think of it this way... Xmod Pro templates, forms and feeds are open-source, and the project will be a complete classifieds solution. This means that not only are you going to learn how to build it yourself, but you'll get every bit of the code and have a complete enterprise level solution that you can monetize, such as charge for premium ads or well, whatever you want!

About the Author

Patrick Ryan is the founder of Reflect Media Group LLC, a web development company located in Paducah, KY. He specializes in XMod Pro development and is recognized as one of the leading experts in the XMod Pro/DNNDEV.com community. He's authored several popular XMod Pro extensions such as Xile - jQuery File Upload and OrphanX. Patrick also offers custom XMod Pro development, training and consultation and has been selected by DNNDev.com as a certified XMod Pro trainer.

Patrick Ryan

Get ready to skyrocket your development skills.