In this chapter we'll take care of installing XMod Pro. At the time of writing this chapter, I'm using XMod Pro v4.6, and DNN v7.3.3. The book is fully compatible with XMod Pro v4.7+, DNN v8, and DNN v9. For DNN v9 users, you'll have to translate what you see to utilize the new Persona Bar.

Installing DNN

This book does not focus on teaching you how to use DNN itself, and I'm assuming you're already familiar with the process of installing DNN. For a reference, visit the How to Install DotNetNuke wiki page.

You can either install it on your local machine or remotely. This is entirely up to you. One thing to consider is XMod Pro can run indefinitely as localhost for development purposes, whereas if you're installing it remotely you'll have to purchase a license here.

How to get XMod Pro

Visit to either purchase a license for XMod Pro or request a trial.

Installing XMod Pro

First, unzip

You should see a file structure that looks similar to the following:

  • XModPro##.##.##_UnzipMe
    • EULA.txt
    • Installation
      • DNN43
      • DNN50

Proceed by installing both of the highlighted files above as you would any typical DNN module.

Activating XMod Pro

After successfully installing XMod Pro, you have a few options as far as activation is concerned.

  1. Run in localhost
  2. Active as a trial
  3. Activate with License

Hooray! You've completed Chapter 2 - Installing XMod Pro

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